Engage your audience with video!
Vort Media works with you throughout the video making process from idea stage to presenting your video to your viewers. Tourism? Business Presentation? Real Estate? YouTube? We have you covered when it comes to filming on site and in the studio. 

Contact us for custom work.
kelly@vortmedia.com  (814) 541-3983
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what will you choose to say?
Let Vort Media present you to your audience with professional portraiture, product photography, and lifestyle imagery.

Studio Portraiture starts at $275
Product Photography starts at $160
Lifestyle Imagery starts at $325

Contact us for detailed rates.
kelly@vortmedia.com  (814) 541-3983
Vort Media is your eye in the sky.
Use our drone services to take your imagery to the next level by getting an epic shot of your business from the air or a safe fly through of your facility. You can also hire one of our FAA certified remote drone pilots to aid your inspection services or real estate marketing.
Contact us for custom rates starting at $250
mike@vortmedia.com  (814) 541-3983
Vort Media converts your photographs and videos into digital format.
We scan 8mm/Super 8mm film reels and original negatives and prints so that you can view and your memories. 
Print scans start at $0.50 for loose prints
Negative 35mm scans start at $75.00 each
Negative Film Strip scans: $3.00 each
Super 8 and 8mm reels start at: $25 per reel
VHS: $25
VHSc: $30
Contact us for bulk rates of over 100 items.
kelly@vortmedia.com  (814) 541-3983
Visit our Digital Transfer page to view examples and details
Media Coaching is developing skills to accomplish your goals. This includes learning to edit video, photos,  and more! Media Coaching is a great option for the individual looking to learn how to create on their own. Media Coaching is also perfect for the organization that wants an experienced professional to train individuals or teams to create videos, photos, and design in-house.
Coaching starts at $50 an hour per individual. Contact us for group rates.
kelly@vortmedia.com  (814) 541-3983
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